Water Purification

  • Q: Does Reverse Osmosis filtration remove bacteria such as ecoli?
  • A: No. Reverse Osmosis is best suited for water that has already been deemed bacteriological safe for human consumption, or is adequately disinfected or sterilized on a regular basis.

  • Q: What maintenance is required for a residential Reverse Osmosis system?
  • A: It is recommended that Reverse Osmosis filters be changed once a year. Drinking water should be tested at this time to make sure the membrane is functioning properly. The Revese Osmosis Membrane, with proper maitenance, typically lasts 3 to 5 years.

Water Softeners

  • Q: What is hard water?
  • A: Hard water is simply water that contains calcium and magnesium compounds. The more calcium and magnesium the water contains, the harder it is. Calcium and magnesium are mainly found in bedrock. When it rains, water percolates through the ground and dissolves some of this rock. This is how calcium and magnesium end up in our water in the first place. Water that comes from wells is typically much harder than water that comes from lakes or rivers. In order to make water soft, the calcium and magnesium containing compounds need to be taken out. This is accomplished by a water softener.

  • Q: How hard is my water?
  • A: Bring a sample to Huron Water & we will test your water at NO CHARGE, and we will recommend the right equipment for you.

  • Q: How does a water softener make water soft?
  • A: Softeners work through ion exchange. The process uses particles of man made resin that have the ability to exchange calcium and magnesium ions, and replace with sodium ions, resulting in soft water.

Problem Water

  • Q: Does Ultra Violet system use any chemicals?
  • A: This system does not use chemicals, and does not affect the taste of you water.

  • Q: How does the Ultra Violet remove harmful organisms?
  • A: The energy of ultraviolet light destroys harmful microorganisms by attacking their genetic core (DNA). This powerful dose of UV light eliminates their ability to reproduce, and the organisms simply die.

  • Q: Is Ultra Violet Disinfection difficult to maintain?
  • A: Maintenance is simple.Its as easy as replacing the UV bulb once a year and periodicallt cleaning the sleeve. Huron Water will call you and remind you each year, when it is time for your bulb to be changed.

  • Q: What are some signs that I might need a Sulfur & Iron Filter water treatment system?
  • A: Some good indications that you may need a Sulfur & Iron Filter are;
    • bad smelling water (rotten egg smell)
    • bad tasting water
    • stained laundry and fixtures

  • Q: How do I know if I have iron and/or sulfur in my water?
  • A: The only way to find out what’s in your water is to have Huron Water test it at no charge.